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We, as a biomedical company, operate in health care technology and hospitals with the name of ‘’Mem Teknoloji’’ in Istanbul, Turkey. Our company mainly related with the sales of ICU, OR, Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedia, ENT, Brain Surgery and FTR departments with after sales and customer supports activities like repairs, maintenance, calibrations since 2001. Our team is specialized in sales activities, clinical engineering, technical service, biomedical engineering, consultancy, training, customer support and R&D with hospital customers in the area of Healthcare Technologies & Medical since 15 years.

We have two different locations in Anatolian and European sides. Anatolian side is mainly for management and European side is for after sales activities. Our company consists of 18 sales&marketing representatives, 7 technical experts and 16 sub dealers experienced in both public and education&research hospitals, private hospitals, military hospitals for 15 years in total. We currently have some exclusive distribution agreements with below mentioned companies for whole Turkey.

  • Dixion Company
  • Argo Medical
  • BTS Bioengineering
  • Dima Italia
  • ForYou
  • Intubrite
  • We also work with below global brands in partnership model and/or project by project.

    • GE Healthcare (X-Ray Units – Mammografi - Anesthesia Machine – Ventilator Device)
    • Philips (CT – MR - Patient Monitor - Defibrillator – ECG)
    • Toshiba (USG)
    • Verathon (Videolarengescopy, Bladder Scan)
    • iMDsoft Clinical Information Sytems (Electronic Medical Record – Decision Support)
    • Karl-Storz (Laparoscopy Systems)
    • Maquet (Operation Lamp and Operation Table)

    • Olympus (Endoscopy Systems)